Return to Player, more commonly shown as ‘RTP’ is a term used by casinos to advise the percentage of money wagered on a casino game or slot that will be paid back to players over a period of time

If we take a RTP of 97% as an example, we would expect on average, to win back £97 for every £100 bets placed, this is in no way a guarantee of a return as the RTP is calculated over a very long period of time, perhaps many thousands of spins.

The RTP should be available to view when playing any online casino game or slot.  The image below is taken from Betfair Casino Slots page.  You will notice each slot has an ‘I’ in the bottom left corner.

Clicking this ‘I’, will bring up the information for the slot and will include details of how the slot is played, features, spin sizes etc and also the RTP is clearly displayed as 95.83% – see image below

The RTPs for the slots on Betfair are very easy to find but other casino sites may require a little further digging to get to, but generally if you open up the slot and then click on the help section the RTP should be visible.

Another term used by Casinos is House Edge.  This is the opposite of RTP.

Whereas RTP is the amount on average returned to a player, House Edge is the average profit made by the casino.

e.g. for the example we look at the above slot ‘Cascading Caves’ with a RTP of 95.83% the House Edge for this slot would be calculated as 4.17%.

You will never find a slot or casino game with a RTP of 100% or higher or with a negative House Edge as it would simply mean the casino would be losing money long term on those games/slots.

RTP is only to be used as a guide and is no guarantee of actual returns, anything could and does happen over the short term so please only gamble with money you can afford to lose.