Guide To Responsible Gambling

Hopefully you will have all seen and heard the ads “When The Fun Stops STOP!” from to try and help everyone stay in control of their gambling.

If not you can view some of the ads here 


Responsible gambling is the method  of always staying in control and your personal limits, these ca be different for each individual.  e.g  What is considered a small bet by some may be considered a large bet by others.  It all depends on your financial circumstances, bankroll and budget.  Responsible gambling should be defined as playing/gambling in a way that does not harm you financially, socially or mentally.  It should be a fun pastime.

To help with this you should;

  • Set your limits – and stick to them win or lose
  • Only bet what you can afford
  • Never chase any losses, accept them as part of the entertainment as you would pay for other entertainment e.g. cinema, football etc
  • Do not bet when you are angry, you are more likely to bet irresponsibly when angry
  • Never put betting before your mates


If you feel you need help then there is help out there and the hardest part is admitting it.


Being aware you have an addiction is the hardest part to address, symptoms will vary for each individual but the most common symptoms are;

  • The constant urge to wanting to gamble
  • not being truthful to others about your gambling
  • Borrowing money to help fund your gambling
  • Not being able to sleep due to your gambling
  • Spending more than you are able to afford on your gambling
  • Family & Friends showing concern


All gambling sites now have to offer self-exclusion features to comply with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulations.  These features include

  • TIME OUT/REALITY CHECKS – You can limit the amount of time you are able to spend online and set up alerts or get logged out automatically
  • ACCOUNT LIMITS – you can set daily, weekly, monthly deposit limits to prevent you wanting to deposit more than you set out to
  • SELF EXCLUSION – If you feel you need a break you can choose to freeze your account for a set period of time, generally ranging from 12 hours to 12 months
  • ACCOUNT CLOSURE – All sites will, or must, give you the option to permanently close your account which can also be applied to a group of sites from the same network


If you have taken the self exclusion steps above and still feel you need help there are Gambling Addiction bodies that you can contact for free.  All gambling sites must now have links to at least one of the following bodies to comply with regulations.




Gambling should be viewed as a fun leisure pastime but it is very important to understand and set your limits and know when to stop and where to go if you need help